Coaching for Police Promotional Testing Processes

Police Promotional CoachingOur Law Enforcement Assessment Center Exercise Preparation and Coaching Packages provide you with general information about participating in written assessment center exercises.

Regardless of whether your police or sheriff promotional testing process involves three (3) or less exercises, our packages will prepare you to compete to the best of your ability. Based on having practiced with one or more exercises you will be more prepared than most, if not all your law enforcement colleagues.

Our coaching packages for Police and Sheriff promotional processes provide session-fee savings and additional benefits. You can learn in a variety of ways by:
  1. Asking questions and receiving specific answers to your questions. You will find out how much you know and what else you need to learn.
  2. Reviewing and completing one or more assessment center exercises.
  3. Reviewing, completing and receiving written and verbal feedback on your performance in the exercises.
  4. Practicing and receiving verbal and written feedback on the skills youalready possess.

Regardless of which package you select or exercise(s) you complete, you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are across a variety of competencies (skills). Additionally, by having completed one (1) or more fully scored exercises, and then receiving both written and verbal feedback, you will improve on your strengths (e.g., judgment and decision making) and reduce your weaknesses (e.g., written communication).

You will also learn about:

Time Management:

How to manage your time when reading and preparing your written or video responses for any type of exercise.

Understanding Skill Dimensions:

Reviewing and understanding what skill dimensions are (organizing and planning, judgment and decision making etc.), and how and why they are measured in the various exercises.

How Skill Dimensions are Rated:

Learn how assessment center skill dimensions and consensus ratings should be determined by the Assessors.

How To Articulate The Main Points:

How to clearly articulate and cover the main points for each written exercise.

Organizing and Planning:

How to review, organize and interrelate different documents or issues in an exercise.

In-Basket Exercises:

How to approach and handle an In-Basket exercise across all skill dimensions measured in the exercise.

Leaderless Group Exercises:

How to approach and handle a Leaderless Group Exercise.

Situational Judgment Tests:

How to respond to a written Situational Judgment test.

Role Play Exercises:

How to handle a role-play exercise, for example:

  • Coaching & Counseling
  • Training Presentation
  • Witness Interview
  • Suspect Interrogation
  • and Others…….. (ask for info)

Again, we GUARANTEE each coaching service and package we provide. If, after the first fifteen (15) minutes, you are not satisfied with the coaching you have received on the exercise(s) on which you have completed and received coaching, we will refund your money in full within one (1) week.

Wouldn’t you like to be coached by people who:

  1. Have been involved with Assessment Center methodology since the 1970s?
  2. Have developed well over 200 exercises for police, fire and executive level positions?
  3. Have received well over two-hundred and eighty (280) hours of formal training on Assessment Center Methodology?
  4. Have designed and conducted Assessor Training for several hundred participants?
  5. Have delivered more than seventy (70) papers and presentations on Assessment Center Methodology?
  6. Are published authors? For example, Dr. Maher has published more than thirty-four (34) articles on assessment centers and related topics and is the author of three widely used training manuals on assessment centers.
  7. Are experts on all aspects of promotional and general personnel testing?
  8. Ensure fairness to all candidates?
  9. Have extensive knowledge about all the legal nuances of personnel testing and assessment?
  10. Know how an assessment process should be designed, delivered and administered to ensure fairness to all candidates?
  11. Know all of the legal nuances of personnel testing and assessment?
  12. Know more than any of the other nationally known coaches in the country about Assessment Centers because of their 50 + years of experience designing, administering, and scoring promotional assessment centers.
  13. Are now providing coaching from a Consultant’s perspective.
  14. Have held management level positions with their respective organizations and were promoted based on their successful completion of tests.

Police Department Testimonials

Madison Wisconsin Police Department, Madison, WI

On behalf of the City of Madison Police Department, I want to thank you for all your work Creating the assessment centers for our 2008 and 2009 Detective and Sergeant promotional processes. Each year, through the use of your assessment centers, we were able to identify qualified candidates to designate for promotion. As you know, the use of the assessment center was new to my agency, but has quickly been accepted and supported as the best method to use for identifying employees that have the knowledge skills and abilities to become successful in their new ranks. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Sue Williams
Captain of Police
Personnel and Training Team
Madison Police Department

Police Promotion Candidate Testimonials

Dr. Willis,

I just wanted to thank you for coaching me for my assessment center.  I scored third in my assessment center and fourth overall on the captain’s eligibility list.  With five expected retirements in the coming months, my prospects are very good.  I would not have been successful without your help.

—Candidate for Lt rank (OH)

I just wanted to say that I was a Lieutenant Candidate for the Farmers Branch, Texas Police Department and enlisted the services of Dr. Willis. I was new to the assessment center process and Dr. Willis walked me through the process and coached me through the scenario and oral presentation portions of the assessment center. Dr. Willis was very professional and she immediately called me back to evaluate and assess where I was currently at in the promotional process. She made a couple of recommendations based on the information I provided her and began coaching me right away.

I strongly believed that through her guidance and assistance I was able to score well on both components. I finished second out of seven applicants and it’s all because of Dr. Willis!

This investment was well worth it and I have learned so much and will be more confident and competent on the next assessment center because of the coaching I received from Dr. Willis.

—Candidate for Lt rank (TX)