Coaching for Oral Interview Boards

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The ORAL BOARDS MADE EASY™ Complete Coaching Package guides you through your preparation for your upcoming supervisor oral board. From clarifying goals and obstacles, to setting an action plan for success, to providing easy to learn answer techniques for the different categories of questions; this process focuses on you being complete & confident in front of the assessors.

Complete Coaching Package…

A highly interactive process in which you will learn, practice, & receive constructive feedback on how to respond when asked:

  • Why are you the best candidate for promotion?
  • How will you handle supervisory situations?
  • How and when should you recommend formal discipline?
  • How will you resolve conflicts?
  • How will you counsel a poor-performing employee?
  • and much, much more.
You will also learn:
  • How oral panel members are trained
  • How to build your preparation plan
  • How to win the “mental game”

Are you a current Police Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, and/or Lieutenant with a challenging promotion oral board expected within the next 12 months? Then look closer and see if the ORAL BOARDS MADE EASY™ Complete Coaching Package is right for you.

Bill Reilly

Bill Reilly
Asst. Chief of Police (Ret.)
Hartford (CT) Police

Since 2004, over 90% of our coaching clients have passed their promotion exam. More impressively for them, over 1/3 were #1 on their promotion list!

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Bill Reilly will personally coach you on the ORAL BOARDS MADE EASY™ process which he developed.

He retired from the Hartford (CT) Police Department as an Assistant Chief of Police, climbing through the ranks by being promoted in the #1 position on each of his promotional lists (Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief) after testing against as many as 200 competitors.

Bill is certified as both a professional coach and as a law enforcement instructor, having taught thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the country. His law enforcement leadership experience includes assignments as chief of staff, police academy commander, patrol district commander and bomb squad commander. Additionally, Bill graduated from the FBI National Academy & holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication.

To find out more about what Bill’s coaching or training programs can do for you, email him – [email protected] or call him at 1-860-647-7993.

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CLICK to visit Bill’s web site, and learn more about their oral board preparation, coaching, training and retreats.


“Bill Reilly is among the most knowledgeable and engaging instructors I have had in my nineteen year police career. His enthusiasm carried the class.”
-Achieving Goals attendee

“Without a doubt Bill Reilly is the best instructor I have had during my sixteen years in law enforcement. Mr. Reilly is clearly an expert in the field and has a unique way of imparting his knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and retain.”
-Achieving Goals attendee

“Great block of instruction from a true subject matter expert.”
-Leading and Influencing attendee

“Excellent Material and highly applicable to my job.”
-Achieving Goals attendee

“Best regards, Bill. I not only enjoyed greatly working with you on my career plan, but truly value the opportunity to have established a friendship with you. You are the kind of mentor that every officer should have the good fortune to know.”
-Ken Harrison, Lieutenant (Ret.), Weymouth (MA) PD

“Again, thank you for the tremendous amount of help! Your ingredients, support, and your devotion toward my goal are forever etched in my memory. It was an honor to be a student of yours. Most importantly, I am already a better police officer for going further into developing my skills and abilities through your professional guidance. If any student has a doubt as to whether to use your program, have them call or email me.”
*Serious inquiries may receive this client’s contact information after contacting Bill Reilly by telephone at 860-647-7993.

*Note: Nearly all testimonials are anonymous because coaching is a confidential process. You can rest assured that when you are a coaching client, Finest’s will value your privacy.