Package 9: Comprehensive Assessment Center Training and Coaching:

With this $1199 package option, you will not only select three (3) exercises to review and complete but you will also receive coaching on your performance in the three (3) exercises. Additionally, you will be provided with some of the same training components provided to Assessors as well as other information (see below). We will send you a complete copy of the three (3) exercises you selected. You will complete the exercise an email to Dr. Willis in a PDF or Word document.

The exercises will be scored using the Assessor/Rater guide and returned to you. You will also receive a 5 hour coaching session regarding your performance in the exercises and receive Assessor training. This session will be scheduled at your convenience (to include weekends) and can be conducted over more than one (1) session.

Select Three (3) Exercises:
  • In-Basket and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Written Exercise and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Leaderless Group Exercise and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Situational Judgment Written Exercise and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Role Play exercise(s), Assessor/Rater Guides and Role Player Scripts:
    • Coaching & Counseling
    • Training Presentation
    • Witness Interview
    • Media Interview
    • Suspect Interrogation
    • Others……..

In addition, this coaching and training session will include not only the three (3) exercises you have selected, (time management, understanding skill dimensions, how skill dimensions are rated, how to articulate your main points, organizing and planning) but these additional components:

  • How the consulting firm may be administering your agency’s process based on our knowledge of other nationally known consulting firms.
  • The job analysis and how and why it is important to the types of exercises that will be utilized.
  • The selection and training of assessors who will be evaluating you, and why this important.
  • Why and how perception and analysis is so important.
  • Final preparation for the assessment exercises.
  • Organizing your written responses.
  • Stress reduction techniques you should use the week or night before the testing dates.

Below is a PayPal link. You can use PayPal or any major credit card to purchase this package.

Again, we GUARANTEE each coaching service and package we provide.

If, after the first fifteen (15) minutes, you are not satisfied with the coaching you have received on the exercise(s) on which you have completed and received coaching, we will refund your money in full within one (1) week.