Package 5: Single Assessment Center Exercise and Coaching

With this $499 package option, you may select one (1) of the exercise(s) you would like to review and complete. We will send you a complete copy of the exercise which includes a comprehensive set of instructions. You will complete the exercise an email to Dr. Willis in a PDF or Word document.

The exercise will be scored using the Assessor/Rater guide and will be returned to you. You will also receive a 1 ½ hour coaching session regarding your performance in the exercise. This session will be scheduled at your convenience to include weekends.

Select One (1) Exercise:

  • In-Basket and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Written Exercise and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Leaderless Group Exercise and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Situational Judgment Written Exercise and Assessor/Rater Guide
  • Role Play exercise, Assessor/Rater Guide and Role Player Script:
    • Coaching & Counseling
    • Training Presentation
    • Witness Interview
    • Media Interview
    • Suspect Interrogation
    • Others……..

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Again, we GUARANTEE each coaching service and package we provide.

If, after the first fifteen (15) minutes, you are not satisfied with the coaching you have received on the exercise(s) on which you have completed and received coaching, we will refund your money in full within one (1) week.