Package 7

Package 7 include the following services:

1. Address and discuss your self-evaluation.
2. Address and discuss in-depth your self-evaluation and address specific concerns.
3. Answer any questions you have concerning your abilities (strengths and weaknesses).
4. Answer any other general questions you have.
5. Discuss some scenarios from any chapter and similar situations you have dealt with and how you might have made different decisions given the opportunity to see the situation in retrospect.
6. Discuss what is currently occurring in your career and to apply your abilities in any future job applications/interviews.
7. Review some quiz questions and identify alternatives as to how ways to handle the problems addressed.

• Further enhance your understanding of each ability and how your refined innate abilities can be used to improve your job performance.
• Present your completed homework assignment regarding how you will use your abilities to coach a problem employee and identify remedial techniques.
• Participate in a 30 minute interview via ZOOM with Dr. Willis or one of her Associates which taps into the abilities which includes feedback immediately after the 30 minute interview.

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